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The ideal insole that considers the overall structure of the foot, which has already found its functional balance, must especially respect the morphology of the foot.
Hence, we have designed WALKABLE, the self-rising custom-made insole.
The term “self-rising” designates the powerful expansion determined by mixing the two polyurethane liquid components. This mixture is poured inside on the polyester wadding contained in dedicated platforms, and sealed with "covers" made of elastic, waterproof membranes.

By simply standing with both feet over the platforms (fig. 2), the upward thrust produced by the expansion of polyurethane will enable your feet to adopt the most comfortable position without any constraints.
The casting impression will solidify within a couple of minutes, offering the specialist a perfect, non-deformable cast of the feet (fig. 3), to be appropriately trimmed, covered and transformed into insoles (fig. 4).