CONFAIR-H2® is the most advanced system for making saddle pads that offer features that could otherwise only be hoped for, such as:

  • - even pressure distribution on the whole saddle resting surface;
  • - no pressure whatsoever on the spine and withers.

With the honeycomb fabric covering, CONFAIR-H2® under-saddles are breathable, do not keep water and, therefore, dry rapidly.
CONFAIR-H2® are made of 2 independent self-moulding cushions with a certain distance between each other. This (patented) detail allows to reduce any pressure applied on the spine and withers.
The cushions contain special self-moulding padding in expanded polyurethane (fig.1) hermetically sealed in waterproof air pressured sheaths.

When body weight is applied (fig.2), the air moves to empty spaces to ensure even pressure on the entire surface exposed to saddle contact, without altering the rider's balance, as they prevent rolling and pitching.