It is common knowledge that magnetotherapy has always helped the body to naturally recover total functionality and its usual wellbeing. MAGNETS give rapid relief to people affected by various types of disorders. Magnets can be used at any age and have no contraindications (except, as a precaution, for pregnant women and patients wearing pacemakers).
The use of magnets is absolutely compatible with pharmacological and natural therapies.


It is known that a healthy cell has a membrane with an electromagnetic charge of 0.8 micron volts. When a loss of electrons occurs for some reason, there is a subsequent decrease in said value and, without an external intervention, there might be a progressive decrease of electromagnetic charge even below 0.2 micron volt with death of the cell. It is for this reason that sometimes the organism weakens to the point of developing a sickness.
A possible solution is to prevent and balance the loss of electrons by applying, for instance, the negative magnetic energy of a permanent magnet.

Magnets generate a static magnetic field with a negative polarity (north) on one side and a positive polarity (south) on the other side. Same sign polarities reject each other, while those with opposite signs attract each other. All body cells comprise negatively (-) and positively (+) charged elements.
Furthermore, blood vessels convey a "fluid" that presents both positive and negative elements placed at random in the sick or injured areas.
In this case, the negative pole (NORTH POLE®)strong> placed in Contact with the affected area will restore the polarisation of elements contained in blood vessels by attracting positive charges and rejecting negative ones. This regulation process of charges produces a series of beneficial effects. First of all, the improvement of blood circulation that produces:

  • - better drainage of toxins or other concentrations;
  • - improved flow of warm oxygenated blood.

This renewed blood flow increases local temperature (+3°) and produces vasodilation, which relieves any contractions, thus encouraging:

  • - the production of pain-killing substances (endorphins);
  • - stimulation of the cell metabolism, which helps the formation of protein particles (amino acids) assigned to emit electromagnetic waves (cell energy balancing);
  • - stimulation of the immune system.
    • Furthermore, the application of magnets on injuries that might have broken some supporting fibres (i.e., derma, joints, tendons and bones, encourages (by activating them), the fibroblast cells of the blood, which produce collagen and elastin, found in skin, joint, tendons and bones; hence, the repair elements of those tissues (it accelerates the formation of the bone callus in fractures). Likewise, magnets help the activation of myoblasts, which produce muscle fibre in muscles.Finally, by restoring the cellular electromagnetic balance ("healthy" cell) through the application of the negative pole magnet, and by encouraging the above beneficial effects, the magnets will contribute to the regeneration of damaged cells and total functional recovery.